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Good Wife part deux

For many of the moms I journey with they came to me because they have been working very hard to overcome what can only be described as not the most nurturing of families. For many of these Catholic/Christian moms their theology has been shaped by their original family and that theology has made their faith, their lives, and their reactions to others very confusing. They have worked with therapists to help them understand how what they experienced has shaped their psychological natures and responses, and with me to help them see how the same experiences have shaped their theology of what I call personhood.

Their view of Catholicism has been shaped by what they experienced from how their parents viewed and reacted to God, their faith. For these moms they want to bring what the Church, the Priest, and what they, (believe), learned from home and school/CCD about God, Church teachings and how they should be living their faith in better balance with the truth.

Their own moms viewed Mary as some Demi-Goddess who could make everything all right if only the woman/mom prayed hard enough, believed enough. Mary was the prefect ever young mom who never complained, who never had problems, but also burdened with life. She was always meek and the long suffering sacred doormat. She is the patron saint of doormats. She is the sacred mom who expected her children to treat her with disrespect and little thought of who she is. She is the "Catholic", (of course Jewish), nagging mother, whose son who could do no wrong, so for Catholic moms their sons are prefect and any woman their sons marry could never be good enough.

My directee moms have no better view of God and Jesus: They see God as very distant at best, over critical, judgmental, cruel. God is the perfect ego driven male, whose world view is always men have all the power and women are just servants who take what they are given. And can they see Jesus as Brother and Saviour; not likely. Jesus is either the Happy Holy Hippie, or the snob prick who could care less for women. As for how they view the Church, women have no place.

These moms are wounded souls who crave a healthy relationship with God/Jesus, Mary and Church. They want to heal their personal relationships. One of the greatest need many of these moms need is to be nurtured, loved deeply.


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  1. It is very sad to know how true these situations are. There are so many ways in which our faith can be turned into a weapon against us, sometimes completely unintentionally, sometimes institutionally. A broken world, indeed.