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Duggar V Glee Warning Personal Opinion Post

Even those of Faith
Have their pop
culture guilty pleasures
How I don't want to enter this debate but I feel compelled to!  As far as I see it you have two ends of the pop cultural media extreme.  One end has the Duggars who because of their faith feel that sex is for reproduction only and have the 19 plus one on the way to prove it.  Then other is Glee, (I don't enjoy Glee only saw one episode and thought it was boring), were Rachel and Blaine have their first sexual experience:
Glee Recap: "The First Time" Season 3, Episode 5
Nov 8, 2011 09:00 PM ET
In this week's episode of Glee, opening night for West Side Story is approaching but the leading stars have yet to really experience the type of passion they're meant to convey in the show. Blaine and Rachel's journey towards their first times are quite different, but both enlightening.
Now both of these examples are exploitative.  The Duggars who want to preach to American their version of Family Value when it seems to me that they are in it for the media attention and frankly to make more money for themselves.    My hubby and I have friends in Arkansas who tell us that the Duggars are very savvy business people and everything they do is very calculated.  The Duggars are revered in their community and seem to be fairly nice people, but for me...not so much.  I see Ms. Duggar abusing her reproductive nature.  She barely carried her last child to term and what will happen to this one?  As we age our bodies slow down, our reproduction takes a back seat as we reach menopause and for good reason.   My hubby and I have a few friends with large families; so we sat down one night with our good friends who have 13 and talked with them about this.  The mom said: "Frankly as I had more children the elder ones had to take over some of the more mundane parenting duties.  Now there is good and bad to that;  they learn something about the humdrumness that is part of parenting, but that also means I am not the one parenting.  Don't get me wrong I was MOM, but the older kids were sharing a lot of manual responsibilities, never the Parenting Duties."  My friend is no Stepford wife, no prairie long skirt mom.  She is hip and the most beautiful slim woman I know.  She has it all together.  As far as I am concerned she is the total Faithful Mom: Hip, with it, cares for herself mentally, physically, spiritually.  

Do I feel my Mom of 13 friend is wrong in her decision. No, I don't. For her and her husband this was a prayerful choice they made for their family, but where the differ is from the Duggars, for me, is that the Duggars seem to parade around to impress. There is just something icky about the Duggars that I can't get my head around.  

Which brings us to Glee, where the pendulum swings to the other side.  We have two young people and the story line revolves around the staging of West Side Story and whether Rachel will turn in her V-Card.  V-Card! Really!  Have we become so caviler about sex and its power to unite and bound that we see it as something to throw away?  In the recap it says that the young stars are having trouble finding the passion they need to portray the characters with feeling -- so she HAS to give up her "V-Card'?  What its become mandatory to give away virginity for a role?  Let me tell you there is a great deal of passion in our household with twin teen girls!  And what does that say about boys in our society, they are so weak they can't keep it in their pocket?  And girls are so wimpy they must comply?  Icky, Icky, Icky!!!

What bothers me is the polar opposites that are being projected about sex.  You are either a kook who is so controlled by your evil sex mad religious nut husband that you are having children like a machine, or you are a "normal" teen who just wants to have fun, no consequences, just good clean fun!

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