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Domestic church

Our living room stairs leading to the Kids
rooms. Note the Christmas things subtle
way of saying we are Christian = Christ Mass :)
The Domestic Church is a term quite familiar to Catholics, it implies the deep connection between the Church Universal: our home parish, and the Domestic Church being our homes.

And isn't that what Church should be home?  It is in the domestic church, our home, that we learn about the Love of God, the fellowship of the saints, forgiveness of sins.  It is in our Domestic church that the formation of our spiritual lives is created.  We as Catholic mothers are baptized Priest, Prophet and Queen called to help in the mission of Christ, called to help create the Kindom here on Earth.  Makes everything we do as mothers take on another meaning.  All that we do from working to housework, from preparing reports to preparing meals, from dealing with coworkers to dealing with children all should be done with a joy that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

As priest/partner to our husbands, we are called to nurture, pray and be present to all those around us.  To be present meaning that we are aware of their needs and try our best to gather the right resources so we can discern the best possible outcome, we are there to listen, to understand, to be compassionate.  We are there to love as Christ loved, not to judge or nag but to guide and help bring back.

While we may not be called to go to the street corner to preach the coming of Christ, as prophet we are called to teach our children our faith, the way a young man and young woman should act, how to be respectful of themselves and others, the post: "What More Can I Say," has a wonderful graphic on respect .

How many of us think of ourselves as Queens, not many I would say; but Queens we are!  God does not choose those who can not do a job and do it well, no, He chooses those who have strength, even hidden strength.  It is in our role as Queen that we find our greatest expression of God's confidence in us.  He is calling us to care for the resources we have been given.  Small simple things have great impact on our lives: using coupons can help stretch a family budget, raising children according to our convictions can create a society of love, rather than a society of fear.

The mission of Christ is one of changing society.  It is our Baptismal roles that our Domestic Church, our home, how we treat our loved ones and others, and how we use what we are given wisely; will make society different.

This is the call of the Domestic and Universal Church.

Blog-versation:  Teaching Our Children Respect 

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