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Spiritual Renewal: Different Strokes for Different Folks

      During our married lives my hubby and I had to learn to enjoy our vacays.  Being an engineer he was all purpose and little experience.  Me, being more spiritual, I was all experience and less "learning".  For, maybe, the past ten years or so we have come to a compromise that works for all of us: do your own thing, and gather later to relate.  It works well!

This summer we have been our adventitious selves.  We have spent time in Canada enjoying the plays of Shakespeare.  We have spent time in Chicago visiting friends and family.  We have done the historical trip: This year going to Springfield to visit the Lincoln Museum. We have been camping with our dear friends and their children.  Each of these experiences has been an opportunity to be feed as each needs.

God did not make us from a cookie cutter; each exactly like the other.  No, family of origin, life situations and experience,  learning, just living life; has shaped us and created the people we have become.  And that means we need different things to recharge our batteries.

While those of us in our family may love to be in nature, and feel feed by the peace and quite there are others of us, like me, who wish to watch the people enjoying things, sit in spot and "pretend" to be part of the historical scene.  Or those of us, like our sons, who feel renewed by the energy of the city.  It was quite interesting to see how what each of us needs to recharge matched our personalities so well.

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