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Maldeine Murray OHair, School, How Society Is Made By Us

Charlotte Chupik posted as her status on Facebook a repost from Barbara Anne Pascucci Lepak:

A small boy writes a letter to God. "Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in our schools?" God replied, "Dear Son, I am not allowed in your schools. Others are afraid to say My name out of fear, guilt or shame. It hurts me to see My children in pain. I love them all" I challenge you to re-post this < emphasis is mine>  Well I accept the challenge and not only that but I want you to see if Jesus is calling You to something.

 Maldeine Murray OHair is one of those hot topic subjects.  From the replies on FaceBook it seems that taking God out of schools is seen as the major reason schools are in decline.  I don't know if its that simple, but I do know a calling when I hear one, and I hear one!

"Get up, Jesus is calling you.” Mark 10:49  It is very easy to sit back and complain, to feel useless in the face of the larger machination that is Government, but WE MAKE society.  Society does not fall upon us like some huge blouder from on high, no matter how it feels to us.

Each of us is called to work in the mission of Christ.  Each of us has a stake in bringing the Kindom to earth, and yes its officially Kindom, to press home the point that we are all children of God, so what will you do?

Are we like the solider who comes to Jesus and says he wants to follow him, but.......  And Jesus responds by saying look it doesn't look like you're ready, go home and do what you need to do.

So question is: Are you bringing it, or do you have other stuff to do?

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