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Lessons From The Canaanite Mother

As a teen I went with a non-Catholic friend of mine to her church and heard a sermon based on this Sunday's Gospel.  I don't remember much of it, because it was not a Mass I felt I was not being feed as I normally would have and so lost interest in much of what was said.  One thing did stand out:  The preachers correlation between his own daughter's persistent knocking on the door of his study asking for the same thing until he just could not stand it and gave in.

Now all these years later it comes back to me.  What is that persistence but Grace.  Clearly something brought that woman/mother to seek Jesus out, what was it?  It was her wanting to fulfill in her life a yearning for the truth, for the comfort and knowledge that there was something/someONE greater than she was. She needed more.  She must have heard about Jesus and the miracles, the lessons, the preaching and thought he was the One.  Maybe she saw him and Grace touched her and she knew he was the One!  There are times in our own lives as women and mothers when what we thought just wasn't what it was, and we seek.

Her seeking brought her to Jesus, this brought her to learn more about what this man was all about.  What did he preach, teach?  She began a time of study.  Its clear she must have or the statement I know you are Lord would not make sense.   Don't we need to take time out to study, to learn, to understand.

Finally, she knows in her heart this man, this Jesus, this Son of David, this Lord will not, must not fail her.  She is going to ask for what she wants!    

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