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Left Overs

In the Gospel of the Five Thousand, Jesus receives twelve baskets worth of "left overs."  In the blog post We Are Stone Soup  I say: "We are given, we are nourished, and clearly we give back". We give back what?  That is the question that I have been praying over since Monday: What do we give back?

The very simple answer is that we give back to Jesus our love;  I want to go deeper than that, that is too flip an answer and not really an answer.  It is far too easy to leave Church services and go back to your daily grind as if nothing happened, but isn't that what really happens?  Its like coming home from vacay you say to yourself I am going to carry this experience with me when I get home; whatever that experience is of being more rested, or having some epiphany, or just having a feeling a well being you would like to extend; it never seems to last, as soon as you are through your door, no more vacay feeling.  

Clearly that is not what the story of the feeding of the five thousand is about.  It is about giving even after the event is over.  We are the stones that Jesus is throwing into the pot to make stone soup: Stone Soup of helping our brothers and sisters in need far and near.  There is so much we can do.  We can volunteer at a local soup kitchen.  We can donate to charities.  We can be there for a friend, child,spouse who needs to tell their story.  

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