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It's Not A Race

video  Or Maybe It Is, Just Not That Race    
         Vicky Spring Track 2011 LCHS

We spent this weekend with friends and family in Chicago.  Our first night in town we visited with our son and members of my family who live in the area; among them was my niece's boyfriend; a lovely man with gentle wisdom and good humour.  He is a successful professional magician working with many ages and in many venues. 

I am not sure how we got onto the subject of age but we did.  He related a story of how at a child's birthday party many of the young boys were arguing about who was older; to which he replied: "Boys it's not a race!"  I loved that!  How often do we feel trapped by our age.  As very young children we are filled with pride as we can "show" on our fingers how many we are.  Then we are anxious to achieve those important milestones of age: "I'm six and going to school!"  "I am sixteen, I can drive!"  Or we can't wait until we "grow" up so we can do what we want!   As we get older age begins to loom over us, we "hid", pretend we aren't as old as we are, we skip birthdays.  What are we doing when we do that?  We are not living each day as it, acknowledging our wisdom and experience.  We feel a sense of shame at growing older.

So, why age then?  Aging is a process all of us are going through.  We can't change it, stop it or turn it back.  But we can stop running the race.  We can care for ourselves so we age well, with grace and beauty. We can stop the race by living each day as the gift it is, we can live as the gifts we are.

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