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I Pledge

Today I have had it!

My Beloved Twitter-verse has always had those of a political mind set, but today the negativity, the lack of faith; not only in the goodness of man, but in the Greatest of God, just left me heart sick.

I felt as if God was whispering in my ear: "Time to do it, time to do it." But do what? Then it hit me! I asked some of my twitter-pals if they would like to start making the society we would like to see on Twitter, and well also our little corners of the world; they said yes. Of course it all made sense, God's calling me to action my own "Get up, Jesus is calling you.” Mark 10:49 moment.

I am making the pledge today:
Lord, I pledge to start to help bring your Kindom to earth by being more positive, living more lovingly, treating all with respect, and most of all...being more positive in all I say and do. I pledge to release from my life all those who are negative. I pledge to read, listen, see only those things that edify, encourage and uplift. As a mother I have accepted my Baptismal roles of Priest = Nurturer, Queen = Guide and Prophet = Teacher. This I will do prayerfully and with your Divine Guidance. Amen!
By being more positive - Living Love I call it - we bring to the world a greater sense of connection and create a world where love rules over hate. It does not have to be anything too huge, time consuming or costly. It can be quite simple and fit into YOUR lifestyle. We could take each day and do something specific like:
Monday: Work toward a righteous cause
Tuesday: Be gentle and patient toward everyone, including yourself.
Wednesday: Renew the world around you, your relationships with God and others.
Thursday: Connect with yourself, your world, your God: reach out to someone you have not seen in while, care for a garden, pray.
Friday: Tell your sacred story, help others tell theirs, share your wisdom in a significantly positive way.
Saturday: Connect with your calling
Sunday: Reconnect the spirit and the mind: go to Mass, spend the rest of the day resting and reading a good book, listening to good music
I hope you will join me!

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