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Holy of Holies

"No the Veil truly was the covering to the Holy Of Holies: It kept women out." 

   After writing the post: Veil or Not Veil, I received some interesting comments on Twitter, email, etc., that sent me to the keyboard once again.  I was invited by A Nun's Life, (Thank You Sister Julie for all the wonderful comments on my writing) to listen in on their podcast that addressed the veil no veil issue and many other things.   Rereading the post, listening to the podcast, one statement jumped out, (and since its my work I feel free to paraphrase away!): the Veil truly was the covering to the Holy Of Holies.  Rethinking the whole veil thing as a barrier to women, it came to me that we are the walking Temple of Christ.  I remember as a little girl in Catholic Kindergarten, Sister Roberta telling us that we were to wash our hands and keep our bodies clean because they were the temple in which God dwelt in us. 

If you go to an Orthodox Catholic Churches you will see the Icon Screen that stands before the Tabernacular
blocking your view of it during the entire celebration until the consecration when the doors are opened and the whole church seems to then erupt in songs of prayer.  I have been OCC Masses and they always carry me away to a different time and place, to experience something close to what the very early church may have been like.  

We can talk about the history of the time of Jesus, we can bring up Saint Paul, but I do not want to go there.  Instead I want to go to a place far more personal and important; your personal sense of what helps you be closer to God.  Here is where the Icon Screen, the Veil of the Arch, our bodies as the temple of the Lord all come together for me.  If you go to a OCC church, you will be blessed with incense; during special times during the Latin Rite liturgical calendar, we are blessed with incense.  Why are we blessed with incense, according to OCC faith tradition we are walking Icons of God.  His Divine Spirit dwell in us, it is what makes us live and breathe.  So to wear a veil truly does cover the Holy Of Holies, our spirit.

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  1. Beautiful follow up, Patty! I still understand why you wouldn't want to wear one, but this is a great explanation of the gorgeousness of Mass and what's really important in worshiping God!