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We All Have "Those" Days

There is an old irish proverb that says:  "The child does as the child sees" 

This comes to me by way of my cousin Tommy Gallagher

BREAKING NEWS: Pity Train Derailed at Intersection of "Suck It Up" & "Move On."  It crashed into "We All Have Problems", before coming to a complete stop at "Get Over It." Any complaints about how we operate can be forwarded to  1-800-waa-waah begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-800-waa-waah      end_of_the_skype_highlighting .  This is Dr Sniffle reporting LIVE from Quitchur Cryin. If you like this, re-post it. If you don't, suck it up Buttercup, life doesn't revolve around you.

I love the straight forward sense of it: Just get over it!  We aren't trying to be mean, or belittle, or not recognize our children's feelings, or anyone else's for that matter, but we need to help our children understand that sometimes we just have to do it.

Acknowledging our child's feelings about whatever it is they do not want to do, then giving them perspective helps them see the whole picture; the good, the bad and the ugly.  Brainstorming with them on how to get their wants met and get the work done; teaches them there are priorities to life, that it isn't all fun, but its not all work either.  We want our children to create a good emotional balance between want, work and play. 

Being too much of any of it will create spiritual-emotional imbalance that can zap self confidence and make them less willing to try in the future.  To help them see how this works in the real world we, too, must be willing to create a balance in our lives.  

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