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Tool For The Week of July 25 - 30

Jesus is present in our lives as Mother, Wife and Woman.

In this our first spiritual direction mothering exercises we look at how Jesus is in major parts of our lives as: Saviour, Teacher, Lord, and Friend.  In our relationship with Jesus, just as our relationships with family, friends and community; some of these roles are easier for us to identify with than others, some are easier for us to understand how they affect us.

Reflect on these roles we find with Jesus: 
Jesus as my Savior: he forgives my sins and sets me free.Jesus as my Teacher: he teaches me wisdom and guides me into truth.Jesus as my Lord: he lives at the centre of my life.Jesus as my Friend: he understands and comforts me.
As mothers we have duties, responsibilities, and barely enough time to do for ourselves because we are doing so much for others.  But Jesus is asking us to take time to renew your relationship with him.  This means that we should spend time reflecting how we feel about each of the roles we encounter with Jesus.  Which of the roles do we find the easiest for us to relate to, which is the hardest, and which is a role we never even thought of?

What these questions are asking us is to look deep into ourselves and realize which areas in our lives, our relationship with God is very easy, which is difficult for us to understand, which are areas we never considered.  We examine these areas in our lives and relationship with God to see patterns in our lives that need strengthening, changing so we can grow deeper in relationship with God and others.

Here are some questions to ponder:
How do these roles make us feel?
Which role is the most difficult for us to understand/relate to?
Which role of Jesus do we wish we knew better, had more experience of?

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