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As a mom doesn't this
disturb you?
What was wrong with
"old" Dora
And who is "new"
Dora attracting?
This issue of oversexualizing our girls/children, is such an important issue to face.  Nicole a lovely freshed face Christian model, and successful model at that - not easy in the cut throat world of modeling/entertainment, takes a very other worldly approach to being beautiful, a faith-filled approach.  She knows what she is talking about!  Her life experience reads like any young 20 something, she wanted the beautiful life and found it not so beautiful.  Check out her Project Inspired

She accepted her Baptismal role of Queen, Priest and Prophet and the calling of God to speak to young women about being oversexualized.  She is a Prophet for change.   As young girls we are so trusting of those we feel are in authority that is anyone, usually, older and seemingly wiser.  Young girls look at the pictures of celebrities and think they must wake up looking like that, they are prefect I am not, and I want to be just like them.  There is this strange disconnect between what we see and what is real.  We see celebrities as some how not human, almost semi-divine; and if that is true than everything they do and say must be good! Isn't it?

And for us Moms the road isn't easy either.  "Dora the Explorer’ was forced to lose her realistic, kid’s body (along with her signature backpack and map) to reveal the new Dora: now she’s skinny, and comes with a comb. And Dora’s makeover is just the beginning. Today a shopping trip with your daughter means navigating through stores which are selling padded bras for 6-year-olds (see Abercrombie’s ‘triangle’ bikini tops); ‘Bratz’ dolls dressed in fishnets, miniskirts and feather boas; and underwear for girls strategically branded with a disturbing provocativeness: “Who needs credit cards?”  Selling Out Girls " South Asian Parent

But if we believe we are in a world ruled by celebrities and celebrity cultural than we are trapped in a world of unreality.  We are chasing a bubble, and it always bursts.  We are no longer the Queen, and in case of our daughters - princesses, Priest or Prophet God has invited us to be.  We are slaves. God does not want us slaves.  15 For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as Daughters by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” Roman 8:15  Slavery is of our own choosing, no one forced us, no one made us, we choose because we forgot who we really are!  WE CREATE SOCIETY!!!  And its affect on us is determined by how much we fall into the trip. And listen carefully to what our society/slavery leads to: FEAR!!!!!

To be moms, truly to be the Queens, Priests, and Prophet that our Baptism and Motherhood makes us we must not have a spirit of fear.  For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline. 2Tim 1:7

If we accept that God has called us and WE CREATE SOCIETY than we have been given the tools, the POWER, to create society.  We are asked to use power, of our intellect, love, and discipline of our mind/soul/emotions to create the homes, and raise the children God has given us; if we affect change within our children, our community, our work place than society MUST and WILL change accordingly. 

To affect change we must look at what has wounded us and created a heart that is in slavery.  Healing, changing the world means looking into what we must heal in ourselves and our families.   We begin as God would with the child within us.  Jump To: Childlike Faith

Jesus said that we were to be like children, trusting, questioning, inquisitiveness, learning.  But we can not do this if there is tension or malcontent. Do you see a great many content celebrities? 

Is any of this happening within yourself or your children?  
  • running into the same trouble over and over again
  • never being content with yourself
  • feeling distrust towards other people
  • finding it hard to feel your emotions
  • feeling closed and isolated
  • always sacrificing yourself and making yourself invisible
  • always taking up the responsibility
  • not being able to say no or stand up for yourself
  • putting yourself under pressure
  • judging yourself
  • wanting to understand everything
God does not expect us to control the world that is His job.  He does not want us to be so discontent, distrustful, isolated.  He wants us to have A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 

If you feel any of this it may be time to speak with someone who can help.

Would love to hear from you about this, please leave a comment, question, or suggestion 

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  1. Amen! It's so upsetting to me what young girls are being taught by many facets of our society. Great blog, thank you so much for the mention. God Bless you.