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Question: Should You Push?

My hubby and I are called to have two differing approaches and perceptive on life, raising children, you name it.

And that is how it should be.  God did not make us out of a cookie cutter, we are made in His image, but scripture is clear He did not make us in His thought process, and maybe that is good thing!

Because of this differing approach our children take some after me, some after their dad, and the rest is of themselves; so the Spiritual Question becomes: Is it better to push them, make them do something, or to let the Holy Spirit Guide them?

We are charged with raising them, teaching them, giving the tools they will need to succeed so which is best:  Do you do the Momcopter thing and micro manage every aspect of their lives.  Do you do the Love and Logic thing having them make mistakes but holding them accountable?

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