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Do you Believe in Second chances?

Yes, I believe in second chances.  If we are loving, compassionate beings than of course second chances are part of the deal, even third and fourth chances.

The only deal breaker should be if the person who you are giving these chances refuses to grow positively, than you must go to something that will protect you and strongly encourage the other person to change before anything else can happen.

 No woman is required to build the world by destroying herself. ~Rabbi Sofer , and when you give chances to someone who will not change, grow or be mature than you do not need him.  Any thing that is used to create uncertainty in you, make you doubt yourself, manipulate you into doing something you would never do, is going to destroy you.  No one, no man, no family, no friend, no child, no sibling is worth that.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.

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  1. Yes, thank God for a second chance. If it had not been the Lord on our side where would we be. This is a great topic of discussion.

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