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Queen or Maid

Gott hat mich deine Mami zu helfen, ein besserer Mensch zu sein - nicht deine Magdsein! -----German

Dieu m'a fait ta maman pour vous aider à devenir une meilleure personne - ne pas êtrevotre femme de chambre!

あなたのメイドになるために - はあなたが良いになるために私にあなたのママを作ったよ!

 Mungu amenifanya mommy zako ili kuweza kuwa mtu bora - Si kuwa mjakazi wako!  -----Swahili

"God made me your mommy to help you be a better person - Not to be your maid!"  ~~~~Nancy Brandt and just about every other mom on the planet.  

OMGosh how many times have I said just those words, or words similar to it!  Haven't you?!  When our children are younger we do so much for them, cloth them, bath them, feed them; its a twenty-four hour a day job.  As our children grow older we still service them, and at times it feels like giving them a gift, that is until we turn from mother who services, to servant who is at beck and call.  If you are at someone's beck and call, you respond immediately whether he or she beckons or calls; it implies complete subservience.

It's an old phrase, originating in the late 1800s, during a time when “beck” was used to mean “beckon.”

We never want to be subservient to our children. Queenship is one of the roles we accept at our Baptism; within this role is an aspect of the mission of Christ.  As Queen we are called to manage our resources and our children are a resource.  It is our duty to create children who are independent and resourceful and if we do everything for our children we keep them from becoming those independent and resourceful people.

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