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casey anthony  #HATE, #CaseyAnthony, if you are a twitter fan than you know what those are, they are hash tags that people use as a short cut to subjects that interest them or to express opinions on subjects that impassioned them, or as ways to gain the attention of fellow twitters.

Two weeks after her trail and acquittal, Casey Anthony is still making news.  Now whether we believe the jury did the right thing or not is a matter for our own conscience.  Whether the jury had enough of the right information and if the prosecution did its job will be discussed by those whose who review and comment on our legal system; for now we are just doing Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

The real issue with Ms. Anthony is, that we feel a HUGE sense of injustice for little Caylee.  There are three people who know exactly what happened to her: Casey, Caylee, and God.

We can take comfort in the fact that Caylee is in the arms of her maker and has found peace.  We can hope that her family will find resolution for this tragedy, and that Casey will find the courage to tell the truth about what happened to her daughter.  And here is the rub, Casey is very unlikely to tell us, herself, anyone what happened to her daughter, and how she may have been involved.  So, we can only rely on the jury to have done their job and that the case has been resolved.

But it hasn't.  Those unanswered questions hang over us like huge boulders and we feel they are going to fall and crush us under the weight of speculation.  This trail, her subsequent behaviour, the hunt for network fame, has made us suspicious of  the legal system and its obligation to protect us from those who do harm.

We think: How can I trust a system that rewards the guilty and lets them go free?!"    That question forces us to demand answers.  We are looking for closure that we will never get and it bothers us; that is why we obsess.

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