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Keys to Success

Failure can hang over us like that boulder in the Nation Wide Insurance Commercial.

@ZulmaBudish6149 "Keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final." Love This!!

How very true that is.  Success and Failure are amoral, meaning the church does not put a moral weight on either of them.  It is up to us to determine how success or failure will affect us.

As moms it is far too easy to get caught up in the "failures" we have made as parents, and we all have made mistakes.  But that is not what we should focus on.  There have been, I guarantee, many, many times when you have done wonderful mothering!

Take the commercial as an analogy of how Grace works with our parenting.

How can we create success:  There is the HUGE mistake hanging over our head, how to reduce it?

Success is not seeing how close to prefect you can get.  No! Perfection is a moving target!  Success is creating a world, family, community that works in accord with you values, goals and hopes.  Works according to your prayerful understanding of how God wants you to live out your baptismal roles of Priest, Prophet, Queen! Here are some things you can do to create success:

1.  Acknowledge that you are not perfect.  Going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation will help you release what ever guilt you have.  And if the priest is good he will not load more guilt on you but help you see a balance of what you did, and what was done by others.  What you did right, well, correctly, and how you could have improved.  It's all about growing wiser, stronger, more positive, baby!  The Boulder is Shrinking

2. Keep a journal.  It is often helpful to write down our impressions, reaction and action; what worked, what didn't and why.  This way we can see patterns and take action to avoid times when we fell into parenting trips.  We can also see what works and why it works, nothing creates success like success.  The Boulder is Shrinking

3.  It helps to remember we are not alone.  God is always with us.  As moms we are gifted, we have a great deal to share not only with our children but the world.  By our Baptism we are called to become part of bringing creation to its fullness. And God isn't going to just let anyone do that, you have to be a very special person with gifts and talents, and YOU are.  YOU have what it takes to be success as a mother, woman, gifted daughter of God! The Boulder is So Small Now

4.  Spend a moment looking over your day with gratitude for this day's gifts.  We all have the "to do list", but do we really look at what we have to do in a day, and more importantly do we look at what we have been blessed with in a day.  The saying God doesn't give us more than we can handle, or really that God will work all things together for His glory and our good, is an indication that God wants us to grow and isn't going to desert us. Success comes from having dealt with a situation well, learned the lesson in it, been tested but not broken, and come to an understanding that you are a STRONG mother!  We are more than doing, we are being!  Success comes from more being than doing.  Martha has her place but Mary chose the better portion.  
The Boulder is Almost Gone!

5. Ask God to send you His Holy Spirit to help you look at your actions and attitudes and motives with honesty and patience.  Now we have our day ahead of us, how are we going to live it?  What are we going to do.  Every second of the day we have a chance to choose positively.  There are going to be times when we just have had it.  Its inevitable, as human being we think over 3000 thoughts per day!  We can't possibly control every last one! That is where God comes in.  The Holy Spirit can help us separate out our actions, attitudes and a motives into the ones that are positive and more us forward, the ones that are not and hold us back and to see the lessons in both.  God always calls us to look at each situation as an opportunity to grow and growth is success!  The Boulder is Tiny!!! 

And finally the greatest key to success......

6. Pray! The Boulder is GONE!!!!! 

Would love to hear from you about this, please leave a comment, question, or suggestion 

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