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In Love with Reality?

I have to admire that I have a fascination for Reality TV, but not every version of Reality TV.  I will not watch RT that reduces people to things or use them as if they are "toys": something to play with emotionally, or abuse people mentally, or create unreal situation such as we see in shows like the Bachelor/ette all for our entertainment.

Reality TV gives us an open window into others lives.   We watch and judge what we see, we judge those lives as if ours was so prefect that our you know what "don't stink."  Could it be that we are so uncertain about our own lives that judging others helps us feel better about our own?  Could it be that Reality TV makes us callous to other peoples suffering?  We understand that sitcoms, and dramas are stories, but we seem to transfer this concept to Reality TV, they are just stories.  So when we do this the lines are blurred to our relationships.  We feel free to ask anything we want of others.  We don't consider that the people we are questioning has a right to privacy, that their values and beliefs DO NOT have to change because we don't like them.  Our personal relationships are not actors we can manipulate for our entertainment.  Their lives are not scripted stories that we enjoy.  They are people with feelings and Divine dignity that we MUST respect.  We don't respect others when we treat them with little concern for how they feel.  We don't respect others when we see friends of ours we feel free to ask them the most personal questions without regard to how these questions make them feel.   The idea that these questions or comments will hurt them, or insult them doesn't enter our minds.  We are like the toddler who pulls his/her playmate's hair and looks at us as if we are nuts for suggesting that that hurts.  The toddler thinks it does not hurt me, so what do I care!

We must remember that our opinion, our values, our thoughts are not to be forced on others.  We have no right to "force" anyone to change to fit our wants, our entertainment.

What do you think?

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