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Specific Goals

Ignatius the Father
of Spiritual Direction

While this blog is my personal journey exploring the spirituality and vocation of Motherhood and my own reaction and response to my Baptismal Calling as Priest, Prophet and Queen I thought it was important to explain what Spiritual Lives Of Women is and does.

As a Spiritual Director I understand how important our spiritual lives are to helping us be all God called us to be.  When discussing the mothering program: Spiritual Lives Of Women, with my Director of Religious Education: Julie Smith of Saint Casimir, we both knew it had to provide Catholic Moms with much Needed Support for Their Vocation of Motherhood and Their Baptismal Calling as Priest/Prophet/Queen

Moms at Saint Casimir who have been using Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Lives Of Women have specific spiritual goals they wish to achieve:

  •  They wish to emulate Mary as their Mothering Role Model
  • They wish to understand their faith life: Now and into the Future – Creating a balanced life of faith, motherhood
  • They wish to explore their Baptismal call as Queen, Priest and Prophet and how those roles effect all areas of their lives
I knew that these goals were also universal for any and every Catholic mom.

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