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No Mother Is Required..

No Woman is Required to Build the World by Destroying Herself.   ~~Rabbi Sofer

Spiritual Lives Of Women offers:
Informational Yahoo Chat! Wednesdays 7PM – 9PM EST (Yahoo Id pacwp2001) Ask those questions you might have about motherhood, children's spiritual development, finding time for yourself, learn more about spiritual direction   
    Email Weekly Encouragement God’s Valentine for Moms:
    Which contain uplifting Scripture, encouraging messages for mom based on the Sunday Gospel
  • Book Shelf: Books with a faith-filled spiritual focus
  • Resources: Websites, articles, news items, factoids of interest that help you with your calling a mother
  • Questions to Ponder Journaling questions based on Sunday's Gospel

All of this to help you experience what spiritual direction can do for you. If you feel as if spiritual direction will benefit you than join our community for only $5.00 a month.


With membership you also receive:

Spirituality of Motherhood Cards: Living the Scriptures Cycles ABC:
Explaining the various tools and their benefit to you, exploring your prayer personality, creating a home retreat space, and how emotional-spiritual aspects like gratitude, forgiveness, trust, openness, spiritual freedom is important for both spiritual and emotional health

Spiritual Assessment Before we begin direction together learn more about your spiritual self and how knowing yourself better empowers you to create the relationships, family, and calling that is yours
  • Learn your Spiritual Prayer Style
  • Learn your Mothering Style
  • Learn your Gifts and Talents

Sessions of Spiritual Direction: Hour long sessions. Time for you to get the help you need.  These can be done on-line through email, chat, or phone.  If you wish to be meet in person please call: 517.290.8930 for an appointment.
Spiritual Lives Of Women PodcastInsights of the Gospel and other spiritual topics of interest form a mothering perspective.
Spiritual Lives Of Women Webinars/Webreats: On spiritual topics of renewal, rejoicing, and refreshment.
Spiritual Lives Of Women Resources
Spiritual Lives Of Women Community

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