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Hail Mary Full of Grace

Happy B'Day girls!

Sixteen years ago at 4:49 PM both Andi and Vicky came into the world.

They were not due until September but I have a heart condition and Vicky was a disconcordent twin.  She was born at and Andi 4lbs.4oz.

I remember I had my appointment on that Friday and my doctor said: "You aren't leaving this office to go home, we are calling an ambulance to take you to the hospital."  I called Greg let him know and we were on the hunt for who could take care of our boys: Nick and Jon.  I would have chosen that weekend to have a medical emergency!  It was the weekend of the family get together at the Lake, so none of the family was around!  Thank God for good friends and neighbors who were willing to take the boys on a moments notice.   We had no idea how long I was going to be in the hospital.  The hope was that I could last out a week or two, but the doctors kept coming in and nurses kept giving me steroid shots, not a good sign!

The medical team was hoping that the steroids would help the girl's lungs grow faster and stronger, because they were going to be a little too earlier for their liking.  Well, I never made it beyond the weekend.  At one of the nurses check she didn't like what she saw in me or the twins, and called for the doctor.  Things were bad. My heart condition was taking its toll on my body, Vicky's heart rate was dangerously slow and Andi was hanging in there.

I didn't have communion or Sacrament of the Sick as I had with the boys so I was worried.  As they were preparing me for the C-section and knock me out, I told the labour nurse about my concerns, she asked if it would help if she and I said a Hail Mary, we did, and I finished just as I started to go under.  So they were born by C-section at 4:49 PM.

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