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Fledgling Flight

Vicky in her Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Uniform.
 One of the toughest job we do as Queen in our vocation of motherhood, is force our little chicks out of the nest.  Now this is not a one time event, oh no, we have been doing it in stages: putting them in day care/or play dates, preschool, kindergarten, primary school, grammar school, high school, college, marriage/away from home.

The first push out is the hardest we feel as if we are sending them out to be eaten by wolves!  And the push out for daycare and kindergarten feels as if we are abandoning them.  It pains us as we hear their cries of protest, anger, fear; we are sure they will never forgive us when we pick them up later that day.  We feel as if we will be paying for years of therapy to address the trauma.  But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.  Job 23:10  The process of turning weak gold ore into strong gold is to beat it, mix it with a hardening metal, such as nickel, and fold it over and over again.  Each strike, each fold creates a layer of stiff harden gold, more layers the stiffer it becomes, the better it is to hold its shape.  Each life experience is like that process of strengthen gold.   In fact in the bible gold is mentioned 417 times.  It is tested.  It is precious.  It is purified.

And that is what each experience does for our children: test them, purifies them, makes them precious/confident.

Vicky is our quite confident one with a slowly retreating shy side.  She was ready for this experience and we made sure that there was no negative talk about her up coming adventure.  No talk of homesickness.  No talk of loneliness.  No talk of being in unknown situations.  That would not have strengthen her, purified her.  No.  It would have defeated the purpose of sending her out into the world.  Look at the picture, it was taken just before her and dad and I were leaving.  She looks excited, ready to begin.  But if you look closely you can see the fleeting shadow of doubt.  It was clear she was telling herself how much this was going to be fun, how exciting it will be to be away from home.  It was clear that she was testing her fire, purifying her gold.

We received her camp letter today and it is clear she is having more fun than she knows what to do with.  In it she writes of how much she loves her classes how her cabin mates are amazing!  An except of her June 30, 2011 camp letter: Every day there are things to do and see.  I love all my classes.....So I hope everyone is doing well, I know I am!....  Clearly she has taken flight.  Clearly she will come home a very changed young woman.  She will come home gold.

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