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Compromise has Promise in it

Even Jesus went off to get away from his mission. The next day Jesus went to a place to be alone. Luke 4:42  We all need to spend time away from our own mission, our vocation of motherhood.  Without it we begin to lose zeal for what we do, we have little energy left for the mission, our emotional bank is empty.

For me, I love time alone.  I love solitude.  I find it comforting, and rejuvenating.  With a family of very dominate personalities there are times when all the noise, busy-ness and competition to see who does what the best, the most, can wear you down emotionally, like water on a rock.  I need to be away from all that, to be alone with my thoughts to be able to commune with my innermost self.

Now for my hubby the great outdoors is where he likes to be, but because he is always on, always ready to do whatever he finds spending a day "doing nothing a waste", so what to do so both of us get what we need and want.  You must compromise.  Interesting that the word compromise has promise in it?! 

Compromise: adjudication, adjustment, agreement

Promise: pledge, covenant, agree. 

You have to able to agree to seek the other's best interest.  You have to pledge that you will try and understand the other needs while balancing your own.  You adjust your needs to fit the other but not to lose your own.  You make a covenant to work for the mutual good.  And that is what we have done.  I hate camping to me it is the ninth level of hell.  To Greg it is Nirvana.  But I will go if there are clean washing  facilitates and something resembling civilization.

This year we found Starved Rock: I can camp here!

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