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Catholic Mother

Catholic Mom
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While this blog is my personal journey exploring the spirituality and vocation of Motherhood and my own reaction and response to my Baptismal Calling as Priest, Prophet and Queen I thought it was important to explain what Spiritual Lives Of Women is and does.

I am helping the DRE, Director of Religious Education of my parish create a mother's family ministry.  We have a moms Ignatian group, we are working on retreats and having a internet presence.  This all came about because many of the moms in the parish were yearning for something....many of them went to the local MOPS chapter but did not stay because MOPS did not speak to their Catholic Culture.

Some of the comments from moms in my parish: 

"My husband works for the UCC church and they are planning their annual Mother's Day conference, why doesn't the Catholic church have one?" E.
"There is so much Catholic expertise on issues of parenting, family why do we have posters supporting Focus on the Family?" J.
"I love MOPS, but why doesn't the Catholic Church have something like that?" D.

The church does have the Elizabeth Ministry, for those who have suffered a miscarriage.  Project Rachel, which I was director of for my Diocese, (read the article on my work as Director of Project Rachel), for those who suffered from spiritual and emotional affects of abortion.  There is Rachel's Vineyard, a ministry that provides retreats and support groups for post abortive women.

These are all lovely ministries but they all deal with women in crisis.  What the moms I have spoken to want is something that will encourage and support them in their vocation and calling of motherhood!  

In individual parishes there are many, many mother support groups: MOMS (Mothers of Many Seasons), MOMS (Ministry of Mothers Sharing), MOYC (Mothers of Young Children), and they are all great, but the Moms of my parish were looking for something with more spiritual meat on its bones.  For many of them supports groups were great but they often turned into coffee clutches, or become focused on one or two issues and lose their purpose.

That is when my DRE came to me and asked: "Being a spiritual director, and having done so much in your life, think you could create mothers program?" 

My DRE wanted something Ignatius based, that spoke to the vocation of mothering, our Baptismal roles of Priest, Prophet and Queen and how those roles have an affect on us and how they effect our parenting.  The moms wanted help in understanding their children's spiritual development.  They wanted to explore the Gospel's mothering aspects.  They needed to understand how being a mother did not mean losing all of what they were and had become.  They needed to know that the Catholic church loved and respect moms.    

Would love to hear from you about this, please leave a comment, question, or suggestion 

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