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So I have been blabbing for the past several posts and you might be wondering who is this chick anyway?

Well, first off I am a mom, of four, married for 20 + years, a little vain about revealing my age.  I am also a spiritual director, been one since 1998.  Before that I was a social worker for Catholic Social Services; where I worked with moms and families in crisis.  These families were involved with Friends of Court because of domestic and abuse issues; it was my job to help them do what was court ordered so they could get their children returned to the home.

I have worked in a per-school that provided free respite childcare  Family Growth Center. The per-school gave moms time away from the stress of having their children under foot and gave the moms three hours to do whatever they wanted.  The program did a fantastic job of reducing depression which helped the mothers parent their children.  While at FGC I ran mother support groups, taught parenting classes and was a mothering mentor.  Family Growth Center was a program created by Child Abuse Prevention Services. 

After leaving Catholic Social Services and FCG I went to work for the Diocese of Lansing working as Director of Project Rachel, you can read about my work here.  Project Rachel and Rachel's Vineyard are post programs for women effected emotionally and spiritually from their abortion.  At Project Rachel I supervised volunteers, created retreats, trained volunteer support group leaders, gave seminars to priest and deacons on the issues of post abortion.

From there I became a Director of Religious Education for a small parish which has now closed.

All of these experiences and work has lead me to what I am doing now.  You can read how a trip to the grocery store lead me to my study of spiritual direction

How a conversation about MOPS gave the DRE of my parish the idea for me to start a mothering group based on spiritual direction for our parish and beyond.

Finally, what the women who have been with Spiritual Lives Of Women want.

Would love to hear from you about this, please leave a comment, question, or suggestion 

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