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The Things That Inspire Me

Here is the little corner of my world, the desk I sit at to write, ponder the questions of God, Spirituality and Motherhood.  And on this desk, in its cubbies, are all the things that inspire, the things that given to me by my children; or are things from my mother or grandmother, mother-in-law.  All of these with their individual energy speak to me, and at times I listen.

My Desk
Origami Crane
Sake set

There are the books on mothering, Ignatius.  The icon is one my mother-in-law had in her living room.  The china pitcher is from my Grandmother.  The crane is from a project our 20 year old son did as part of a peace project at Holy Cross School during his fourth grade year.  Our 14 year old twin girls gave me this sake set   for Mother's Day this year to replace a set that is missing cups.

Each one of these items remind me of a different aspect of mothering: Faith, Peace, Giving, Life.

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