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It was during a trip to the grocery store that I got an answer.

As we all do when we are in college we think about what we want to do, who we want to become.  I felt called to give back.  I studied social work and for a very long time was a Catholic Social worker.  The job was rewarding but there was something.........

As a social worker I worked with moms and families in crisis.  Many of these homes were filled with chaos and all that comes with it.  For these moms the most important thing was to get the basics met they were on survival mode.  And rightly so. 

You can only do social work for so long before you begin to see the world as being very bleak.  I prayed hard about my next step.   Psychology wasn't spiritual enough, psychiatrist meant years of med school that I wasn't prepared to take seeing I was pregnant with twins at the time!  So, what to do, what to do.

It was during a trip to the grocery store that I got an answer.

Two women were talking about Spiritual Direction.  I had never heard of it so I stalked them around the store until I got the courage to ask them what that was.  Spiritual Direction seemed to be the thing I was looking for.  It helped people at their deepest level their spiritual level.  My work of the past 15 years was beginning to make sense.  The moms I worked with, my own life experience, the experiences of my friends.  We needed support for our spiritual journey;  we wanted support for our vocation as moms, we yearned to bring balance to our lives, harmonize all our roles as mom, wife, friend, worker, believer.

So I want to ask:
What is your most important spiritual need? 

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