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I am a mom, but I'm still me, dammit!

    I love this Twitter profile from @triciahonea: I may be a mom, but I'm still me, dammit.  Let's be truthful moms don't we feel like that sometimes?

I know I can relate to it!  It is such a common feeling that there are blog posts, tweets, bulletin broad posts, articles, all expressing moms being overwhelmed by the responsibility of motherhood.  I have heard it referenced in reality TV shows!  Something this universal demonstrates that this is a very important issue barely being touched.  Not every mom is the happy homemaker.  Not every mom loves her children every second of every day.  Not every mom is satisfied with her role.  But from these threads you can see that moms, many moms feel tripped by the illusion that they are happy, they do love their children continually, that they are the role.  Moms are being tripped by the pursuit of perfection.  Moms are made to feel as if they do not raise perfect children that whatever happens is ALL THEIR FAULT!  Who can live under that pressure!  The role of motherhood has become more important than the woman who is mother.  The role can suck the life out you and leave nothing but a walking husk, a shadow of the woman/mom/herself.  

Society seems to want to view mothers as whatever fits its fancy at the moment.  Society likes the role of mother. The role fits stereotypes that can be used in sitcoms, moody women-centric movies.  The role can be  morphed into anything that society wants mother to be: bitch/witch/nag/saint/innocent.  How can we be any of those one dimensional things?  Society wants us to be super mom!  It likes the role that it has created for young Hollywood mothers:  The profound Earth-mother, The Cool Hippie Mom, the Alternative Mom, the Chic Mom; these mothers are seen as perfect, with their prefect children, their perfect bodies, their prefect teeth and hair, their prefect lives.  When we fall into the trap of being prefect, being super we fall into the trap of the role of mother.  The role is not the person we are.  The role is what others think and say we should be, and if we are not true to ourselves and our calling we can think that they are right and we silence the little voice inside us that says we are more than the role, we are called to be more, do more, live more. That is the true meaning of Trix's profile.  

If we are truly to be mom: What I see as being Priest of the Home, Prophet/teacher of our children, and Queen of our resources, than we are role models for our children, executives of our homes, and citizens of the world.   

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