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What does Stewie and Persistent Prayer have to do with each other?

So what does Stewie and Persistent prayer have to do with each other? When I first saw this episode I laughed so hard, knowing exactly how Louis feels.

For this 29th Sunday persistence is the word. We see the power of persistence in the first readings we have Moses who is told by God that as long as his arm are held high the Israel will have the fight. But Moses being human, his arms grow tired and he can not keep them up and every time his arms drop Israel losses their advantage. It is only when Aaron and Hur come to support him that Moses finds the strength to continue. We are reminded in 2 Timothy that we must be faithful to what we have learned from our infancy: The Scriptures and we are charged to be "persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient;
convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching." That Christ came in Kingly power to proclaim the word, give justice to the world; which leads us to the Gospel. Here Jesus relates the story of the Bad Judge is pestered by the widow to the right the thing.

In all these examples God is showing us that persistence in every thing will get us what we need and want. God isn't sitting back wanting us to beg, no He is hoping that we will continue to learn and grow from every situation and experience we have. With every thing that happens to us good and bad, we learn we grow forward we are persistent to gain what we need.

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