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Thursday: Connect with Your World: My Personal Experience TMIing

I am a Tweet lover.  I have found the most interesting people on Tweet; one woman, Rae Jericho, whose Tweeter ID is @NoWealthButLife, writes the blog No Wealth But Life where she shares much of her life and calling.  It is sweet blog that is enjoyable to read.

This morning I checked my tweet timeline and found a mention to her blog post: Warning I don't believe in TMI.  In her post she relates that she believes there is nothing that we can't share of our lives; she is willing to share all her world with her readers.  She connects with her readers as if they are dear friends sitting in her kitchen sharing a cup of tea.

God does call us to connect with our world, with those we love, with ourselves.  These connections with our personal relationships helps us understand our relationship with God. Each relationship teaches us new aspects of ourselves.  Have you ever had the experience of hearing something you needed to understand, you had been praying about, suddenly come from a conversation with a friend; something that came up in casual conversation?  These are God's word.  It is something that comes naturally, nothing staged or forced; its unplanned by your friend, nothing that she even knows she has said.  Connection/conversations with our loved ones is connections/conversations with God.  Today we have so many wonderful ways to connect.

With all the ways we have to connect with others we can be lolled into a sense that we are completely alone, that words will be seen by only a very select few.  How I wish that was true. From my own personal experience I have learned that there is great responsibility when connecting, sharing, TMIing. We share because we have a need to connect, reach out, get things off our chest.  We have to remember that we aren't sitting in our kitchen with only our closest around us. It is more like we are on the mountain top shooting for all the world to hear; it is important for us to remember that with this connections comes great responsibility to be aware of others, their feelings and not to betray, in all senses of that word, too much.

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