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Saturday Connect With Your Calling Scabby Knees

Boy oh boy has God been talking to me, getting my attention, this week.  Twitter, which I love!, has been ablaze with the issue of abortion, and that is one part of my calling as a spiritual director.  I know women who have had spiritual issues because of all manners of woundedness not just abortion, but this week, the

I have a fellow minister who said to me that he never trusted anyone who is in any type of prayer ministry, counseling ministry, guiding ministry, to be any good if that person doesn't have scabby knees.  What he might, and I love the image, is that we have to rely on God when dealing with others.  As moms it is also true that we must be on knees when it comes to our parenting.

So my fellow moms, frail human beings, and wounded but seeking God love and mercy, let's all Thank God for those with scabby knees!

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