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Monday: Working for a Righteous Cause Max's Mom

I can think of no other Righteous Cause than our own children.

Ellen Seidman who is an award-winning bloger, writing the blog LovethatMax which focuses on her life as a mom of a child with special needs; she is also a magazine and websites editor and writer.  It is very clear from her blog that Max is the apple of her eye and she is very proud of her son.  The one thing you notice right away with Ellen, she does not hold back.  Her blog is written with much grace, humor and honesty and you know that she is a HUGE advocate for her son and all children with special needs.  She truly is working for a righteous cause: that everyone be treated with the respect and dignity that is inherent because of the Divine spark we all have within.

Ellen, as I mentioned, writes and edits, she wrote a piece for Redbook about how Max with sensory issues was not going to participate in Halloween activities.  One woman took it upon herself to critize Ellen for her decision and made it her cause to be the protector of the perfect Halloween.

She wrote Ellen this response:
Just read your piece in Redbook about Halloween. Actually, about your decision to be "quirky" and not dress up in costume when you trick-or-treat with your kids. That's really not quirky - it's rude, boring, and shows a lack of spirit. Sure, Halloween is for kids to get candy, but my reason for staying home that day and handing out candy is for my amusement, too - to see all of the unique costumes and the creativity and planning that kids and parents put into dressing up. If more people decide to take the easy, quirky (?) way out and not dress up, my days of answering the door for trick-or-treaters will soon end. If your kids don't wanna dress up, don't take them out. Period.

Now it could be said that the woman didn't understand the article, didn't get the gist, just skimmed it, but it does not excuse her tone.  She seems almost insulted that someone would dare to insult her by not having their child dressed up for trick or treat.  My hope is that she is more compassionate to children with special needs than the tone of her response would lead you to believe.

As Queen, it is our duty to advocate for our children.  And sometimes that means we must encounter those who will not agree or even insult us because somehow we do not meet their standards.  Its not up to us to meet others standards.  Its up to us to do as God calls us.

So Ellen, God bless you Warrior Queen Mom!


  1. Thank you so much, I needed this today given the nasty visitor to my blog!

  2. Ellen,

    I am glad to support you my fellow mom