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The poverty of being unwanted ~ Mother Therese

because Christ also suffered for us
With all the talk on twitter about abortion it got me thinking: What are we doing to change the society of young adults to support them so they do not feel the need to be sexually active?   A common thread keeps coming up but rarely discussed, support: emotional, spiritual, psychological support. As a mom it is what helps us build strong familiesIt is what we are to give to our children.  It is what keeps a marriage alive and healthy.  It is one of many things that protects children from making wrong decisions.

There is a crisis here.  A crisis of love and support for these young adults/teens.  A crisis of love and support for mothers.

Look at the show on MTV 16 and Pregnant.  What is the basic theme, these young girls feel little to no love from their parents!  Parents we are the first line of defense against this. As past director or Project Rachel for the Lansing Diocese, I worked with women who had abortions, here is an article about that work.   I got to know both Vicky Thorn and Therese Burke.  I have spoken here at Shared Pregnancy which is a woman's center here in Lansing committed to counseling, education, referrals and material support for women facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies.   All wonderful necessary things; but this is after the horse has left the barn!  What are we doing BEFORE the unwanted pregnancy?!  How are we helping young people grow confident that they are BELOVED children of God!  How are we dealing with them as parents: With Grace, Love and Respect; or with belittlement hidden as discipline?   What are we doing to celebrate Motherhood as a vocation and a calling?

Where and who is out there to help moms who need support to be strong confident moms so they can deal with the issues of teendom, the issues of childhood, the monotony of infancy?  Where and who is out there to talk with the teens who feel so lonely, unloved, unsupported that they seek sex as love?

Mother Therese speaks to this so well: "We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty."

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