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Home Coming Samhain

Halloween, the eve of all hallows, a time that, as an Irish person, was a time when families opened doors to "let in" those family members dead and gone.  That is how my very Irish father described Halloween, the "traditional" Halloween of his remembering, the Irish version of Day of the Dead.

This "Christianized"  Samhain,the Celtic festival that celebrates the end of summer is one I love, I love the idea that family members come home to visit.  Tonight we had family here, my sister-in-law, her hubby and children (aged 7, 4), coming to go trick and treats.  Then suddenly there was our eldest son who came to just visit; later that night our other son came home to prepare for a Halloween party.  Our daughters brought over friends to do homework, so sad to have to do homework on Halloween; all our children, both "natural" and created, (our daughters friends who have adopted us as their second parents), all come home to visit.  We gather to be with those we love, we celebrate the memory of those who have gone to heaven.

As the children went about their business the adults spent time remembering Halloweens past, Family stories, laugh and cry at thoughts of those we loved.  What a beautiful way to be once again connect to all our family, knowing that life is eternal, love is never ending and that as long as we celebrate those gone before they live on forever.

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