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Former Embryo

I saw someone wearing one of these at the LCHS Halloween Custom Concert and at first I thought what a clever idea, kinda cute.

But as I was driving my girlies back home, hubby was away on a business truip, I got to thinking about it more: What a slap in the face of a post abortive woman that would be!

Back in 2004 Archbishop Peter Smith, chairman of the Department of Christian Responsibility and Citizenship of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England & Wales was convinced that showing a live abortion on the air would sway many to not have one.  This shocked me and still does!  I remember talking with the office manager for the Ministry of Catholic Charities Office, where I was working as director of Project Rachel, I explained my feelings of shock over the inherent cruelty and insensitivity that Archbishop Smith showed toward post abortive women.  While in her office my boss the director of CC came by and heard our discussion.  He was not shocked by Archbishop Smith in fact he applauded the Archbishop's actions.

Now I have no idea which side of the fence you stand but for me dealing with a post abortive woman should be done with great gentleness and love.  In fact dealing with ANYONE should be done with great gentleness and love.  As a social worker, spiritual director, and especially a MOM,  I take as my example of how to work with people, guide people, raise children, Christ's treatment of the woman caught in adultery.  He did not badger her, break her into submission, be cruel towards her, mock her: No!  He simply told her to go and sin no more. He taught her, guided her toward the right path, showed compassion!  My old boss and the archbishop believe that showing someone the true result of their actions will force them, my boss' word, to take responsibility for their actions.  Yes, we must become responsible for what we have done, but its not the first step.  We must heal the woundedness and fill the soul with love, support and hope before we can do anything.

Post abortive women, in fact anyone with a serious spiritual issue must first be brought to a place of love and understanding before they can be expected to work on the hard stuff.  Its about Reconciliation, not further insult and injury which will only drive the spiritually fragile and wounded further into denial and pain.

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