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Do You Put JMJ On All Your Work?

A nun friend of mine and I were sitting at the kitchen table reminiscing about our early school days.  She remembered having to write JMJ, (Jesus, Mary and Joseph), in the right hand corner of all her school papers.  This was a very common practice and one that I think we can pull into our own lives.  The thought behind it was that one: you were giving Glory to God and two: it was a reminder to do all things well so that you would give Glory to God.

Do we stamp everything we do with our own JMJ?  I know that I don't.  So I am challenging myself to be more aware of my work, my relationships with others, and the ones I love.  What it means is that I will have to be very aware of what I am doing, saying, thinking and re/acting.  Are my words uplifting?  Am I giving this work my best effect?  With my hubby am I being the best partner? 

Pray for me this week as I take up this challenge.  I will pray for you and your challenges.

God Bless

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