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wednesday renew the world around you

August has come and the girls are just now beginning to look ahead at school.  Like so many young people there are mixed thoughts about the upcoming school year: How will it be, will I do better/worst than last year, are all my friends coming back?

These questions are questions of renewal.  They ask us to look at our world and to determine what it is we need or want to change about it.  As mother's we can carefully broach the subject of the year, asking our children what goals they have the upcoming school year, what did they like about the last year, what would they have changed. It is a good way to get a sense of where they are and how they feel about their academic success.  If we put on our Queen cap we see this as a way of guiding our children toward the success that God wants them to achieve.  We give glory to God by doing all we can to better ourselves.  How much better would you live knowing that God is ever present in your/our lives and truly interested in everything we did?  How much better would you live if you truly believed that God was all loving?

These are the great questions we must ask ourselves and they can guide us in helping our children live successful and faithful lives.

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