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Renew Yourself Question to Ponder

I have a profile on Yahoo! answers, and this morning I got a very interesting question that I thought would be prefect for us to Ponder as we think about ways to renew ourselves.

Martin S. asked: When worship leaders say "The Lord inhabits the praises of His people...?
When worship leaders say "The Lord inhabits the praises of His people", what Bible verse are they paraphrasing?

My answer: Psalm 22:3

Your question is really asking what is the response of those who are worshiping. Prayer and Praise are both ways in which we converse with the God who loves us. God wants a relationship with his people; we are his sons and daughters. There is nothing that God wants more than for us to be in communion with him, he wants to give us what we need, we may ask for what we want that doesn't mean we get it. God is our provider, we worship him out of the love we have for him.

If you take the whole Psalm into context you see that it is a cry out from David. He believes that God has forsaken him. David takes time to remind God of who God is: You are the enthroned of Israel, you are the trust of our father. Its as if David is saying all right you were all those things for them, but what about me?

The Psalm also has an implied question for us, when do we feel as if God has left us? If God is our loving father why would we, as David did, feel like God has gone far away? Is it God who left or us?

Martin's response as the "asker":
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Not the first correct answer but more "Thorough and informative.".

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