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Mommy Weekend

Hubby Greg being survivor man
Aww the mommy weekend ended yesterday @ 2:00 PM; everyone had a great time, saw lots of wonderful pictures of girls kayaking, hubby being survivor man, and just general goofiness. As for me...I both missed them and didn't want them to come home..does that make me a bad mom? :) I did missed the noise, the happy ciaos, jabbery gossipy girls, hubby coming home from work relating his day. But I also needed to get away from just those very things for a while.

I needed time to think, renew, recharge. I needed to time to focus on the other parts of me that can get lost when there is the noise, happy ciaos, jabbery girls, age son and eldest son the flown cooper living on his own coming back to do laundry and talk about his life. There is so much that can pull on me that I forget that the soul needs and craves those quiet times.

When did the wild herd of water buffalo come through?
Now I am back to mopping sticky off the floor and more dishes than I think possible for four extra persons to produce!!!!

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