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The Power Of Motherhood: Nothing Can Stop It

We were doing the reunion thing this weekend, all of them on my husband's side, my side of the family is in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area. That Saturday we were at "the lake" for my hubby's father side.  It was sun, and sun burn, water, jet ski and yummy food.

Than Sunday it was over for his mom's side of the family.  About six months ago one of his cousins got a wonderful mother's day gift of an adopted son from Haiti.  This young boy is thriving and doing well, he is lovable and loving, going from person to person to "givin' hugs."  The story of his adoption starts with a family prayer time when my hubby's cousin's kids asked if they could have a baby brother.  The Mom and Dad must have done the sitcom look, where their facial expression was: "What have we/will we, be getting ourselves into!"

Well, they spend a great deal of time, individually: Mom and Dad, and as a family trying to discern what God was calling them to do.  After much prayer they felt God was calling them to reach out to a child in Haiti.  They reasoned that they had more than enough love and resources to give and their children wanted and needed someone to love, so our newest little member of the family came into our home, and hearts this year.

Truly they were loving the Gospel of this week.

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