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God's Pocket

These are the "famous" girls: Andi and Vicky
I can't believe what an adventure it has been being mom to these two lovely girls.  When Greg and I choose to try to become parents one more time we had no idea what God had in store for us.  We thought we would have just one more not two.

I have always been intrigued with the saying that you are chosen to have the children you have.  It made me think about how as a young girl I was sure that little babies sat in God's huge pocket and waited for him to take them out.  At the bottom of this pocket was a hole so the little soul could look down and see what was going on.  It made perfect sense to me then and it still makes sense to me now.  I can imagine Andi, being the stronger personality, butting little Vicky out of the way so she, Andi, could have the best view.  It was very much like that when I was carrying them:  Each one jockeying for the best position.

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