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Friday Sacred Stories: Asking, Seeking, Hoping

Someone asked me if I were a traditional Catholic. This is my response to that question, but it also a good explanation of how I feel about my faith

You asked if I were a traditional Catholic, I don't know how to answer that, there are so many interpenetration of Traditional and Catholic. If you mean do I believe that Pope Benedict is not Pope, I believe he is Pope and that he was duly elected.

If you mean do I wish for the Latin Mass, no I don't. I believe the Mass in Latin is not an add to worship but a hindrance.

I believe the Catholic faith is the truest form of religious expression there is. We are encouraged to seek answers to questions of God and Faith, not asked to swallow whole the ideals and values of others as to how we relate to God.

I believe that the Bible is the living word of God, but not a factual history. It is ever alive and personally meaningful to us. someone once said it the love letter from God and I think that is a lovely way of viewing it.

I believe our faith gives us guidelines and disciplines to help strengthen us spiritually and emotionally, but we are not to be chained to the Law and forget our faith.

I believe that all humans are flawed and that God's grace brings us back to communion with him. I believe that the Sacraments are given to us for our benefit and are gifts not chains, or punishments as some have come to believe Reconciliation is.

I believe that men and women are created equally in the eyes of God and because of that have callings, many during a life time, that God calls to achieve. I also believe that God is very patient with us as to when we achieve them, and does not close doors we need to walk through for those callings

Finally, I believe that God is a loving God, not a revengeful, punishing, cruel trickster, or angry bully, that some believe; those views of God comes more from angry parents, especially fathers, than any true understanding of the nature of God.

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